Electrical Power Loss

  • Contact the TCU Physical Plant 24-hour dispatch (817.257-7956).
  • Contact TCU Police (817.257-7777) if assistance exiting or securing the building is necessary.
  • Turn off all electrical, office, and computer equipment. Some equipment, if left on, could be damaged when power is restored. DO NOT unplug your telephone.
  • Remain in your area if power loss is not related to another emergency condition, such as smoke or fire.
  • Use a flashlight, cellphones or lightsticks. Re-check equipment after power is restored.

Water (flooding)

  • Contact the TCU Physical Plant (817.257-7956) to assist with flood cleanup.
  • Be aware of electrical hazards. Do not enter a room where wall outlets or extension cord have been submerged in water.
  • Unplug electrical equipment and extension cords from wall outlets if you can do so safely.
  • If required, move all electronic equipment and files to a higher level (desk, cabinets, etc.) if time allows.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

  • Contact the TCU Physical Plant 24-hour dispatch (817.257-7956).


  • For normal repairs, contact TCU Connect (817.257.4357) during the business hours of 8am – 5pm.
  • In the unlikely event of a system-wide failure of TCU’s telephone system: you do not need to notify Telecommunications as alarm systems are in place use your cellphone for emergencies (Important Contacts).