Emergency Actions: When the university is officially closed, all students, faculty and staff members will be excused from reporting, except those providing essential services related to:

  • Health and Safety
  • The presence of a residential student community
  • Agreements with the public for use of university facilities

Although a closure decision can be made at any time, the Provost will generally make a decision to close the University early on the morning of closure. The decision to close is based on the latest information and physical conditions.

On a morning closure, this information will be posted on the TCU home page (under the Top News Stories heading).

The TCU homepage can be located at

Additionally, the information also will be sent to local television and radio stations.

Among the local DFW television stations to be notified will be ABC Channel 8, NBC Channel 5, CBS Channel 11, and FOX Channel 4.

Local radio stations that will be notified include WBAP 820 AM and KLUV 98.7 FM.

No notice will be sent or posted if the University remains open.

It is also possible that some areas of Tarrant County will be more severely affected than others, so even if the University remains open, employees should keep their personal safety uppermost in their minds. If you know your route to campus will be treacherous, do not attempt to make a dangerous trip.

Through out the day please check the TCU home page for updates to delayed opening and closure information by going directly to:

To learn more about the TCU ALERT system please click on the following link: .