TCU Police

General Fire Safety

In general, please know devices with open flames (candles, etc.) are prohibited in most areas at TCU except when a permit has been obtained from the Fort Worth Fire Department.  All faculty, staff and students should recognize emergency situations as quickly as possible so preventive measures can be taken.  Be familiar with the  locations and operation of fire extinguishers near your office and classrooms.  For fire extinguisher training please call TCU Emergency Preparedness at 817.257.7778.

Please keep in mind during normal business hours, the Emergency Floor Officers (EFO’s) will be a resource for emergency information.  The Emergency Floor Officer will help in pre-emergency planning of your building/floor and assist with the evacuation of your building.


  • Identify and be familiar with your building/floor/classroom exits.  Remember, in the case of a fire, elevators can not be used.
  • Identify a designated gathering site and inform faculty/staff/students in your assigned building/floor of the designated gathering site.
  • Identify individuals with physical disabilities, permanently assigned in your area, who may need assistance evacuating.
  • Inform faculty/staff/students that the policy of the University is that individuals must evacuate the building if a fire alarm is activated.
  • Open flames (other than those needed in laboratories) – such as candles – are not permitted in the workplace.

Actions in the event of a fire emergency:

  • Call TCU Police at 817.257.777.  When calling TCU police be prepared with a much information as possible such as:
    • Location of the fire by building name and street address.  If known, include the location of fire by floor and office/room.
    • Identify any types of injuries of which you are aware and the type of help that is needed.
    • Describe any additional details regarding the situation to the dispatcher.
  • Regardless of the cause of a fire alarm, evacuate the building or area of the fire.  Remember do not use the elevators.
  • If possible, close doors – especially fire exit doors – to help contain the fire and smoke.
  • Warn and help others on you way out of the building.
  • Activate the fire alarm system at the closed pull alarm.
  • Go to your designated gathering site.

Do not do the following: 

  • Return to the building until an “all-clear” signal is given by Physical Plant emergency personnel, TCU Police, or the local fire department.
  • Use the elevator when evacuating.
  • Leave your gathering site until you are accounted for by your supervisor or designated staff.
  • Prop open fire exit doors.