TCU Police

Emergency Actions

  • Regardless of the cause of a fire alarm, evacuate the building or area of the fire
  • If possible, close doors – especially fire exit doors – to help contain the fire and smoke
  • Warn and help others on your way out of the building
  • Activate the fire alarm system at the closest pull alarm station, if needed
  • Call TCU Police at 817.257.7777
      • Identify the locationĀ of the fire by building name and street address
      • Identify the location of the fire by floor and office/room (if known)
      • Describe the situation to the dispatcher
      • Identify any types of injuries of which you are aware
      • Identify the type of help that is needed
  • Go to your designated gathering site
  • Obtain or provide first aid as needed

Do not do the following…

  • Return to the building until an “all-clear” signal is given by Physical Plant emergency personnel, TCU Police, or the local fire department
  • Use the elevator when evacuating
  • Leave your gathering site until you are accounted for by your supervisor or designated staff
  • Prop open fire exit doors