Bomb Threat Procedure

When a bomb threat is received by phone:

  • If the threat of explosion is immediate, evacuate all people from the premises at once.
  • If the caller indicates there is some time before the bomb will go off:
    •  try to get as much information as possible about the location and description of the bomb and the caller.
    •  Listen for background noises that could provide clues to their location.
    • Check your phone screen to see if a phone number of the caller is listed.
    •  stay on the line only as long as the caller continues to provide useful information.
    • immediately evacuate the premises.

• Call TCU Police (817.257.7777) and notify of above information.

Emergency Actions

Discovery of a suspicious item:

  • If you find an item you suspect is a bomb, DO NOT touch, move or disturb the item. Contact TCU Police immediately (817.257.7777). Keep persons away from the area until help arrives.