(active shooter)

Emergency Actions

  • Avoid The Threat.  Leave the building or immediate area, if safe to do so. Contact TCU Police (817.257.7777) upon reaching a safe location.
  • Deny Access.  If you can’t leave the building, hide in a room where you can lock the door and turn off all of the lights. Try to place as many barriers — locked doors, rooms, hallways, etc. — between you and the perpetrator as possible.
  • Block the door with tables, chairs, copying machines, etc. if you have time even if you can lock the door.
  • Stay away from windows and out of the the line of sight. Turn off all lights.
  • Remain quiet, turn off cellular phones and other items that may make a noise.
  • If safe to do so, alert other employees/students that an emergency is present, or imminent, and to quietly leave the area.
  • Defend Yourself.  If there are no other options, you have the legal right to defend yourself from an attacker.